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To our TMV Community:

We are pleased to announce our oversubscribed second fund of $64M, 6x the size of our first fund. With this new vehicle, we will continue to double down on what has been our strategy from the start: backing early stage, visionary founders who are building businesses beyond the bottom line.

Since founding TMV in 2016, our investment strategy has been guided by three core beliefs: that we must support companies creating meaningful value, that backing diverse founders is essential and that our job as early stage investors is to offer hands-on partnership to our portfolio companies. We leverage our team’s collective decades of experience — as investors, and as operators — to invest in key sectors that drive the greatest impact on our economy, our communities, and our planet: Care, Financial Inclusion, Logistics, the Future of Work and Sustainability. Read more about our verticals and our approach here.

As we’ve continued to observe the market grow increasingly global, we strategically structured Fund II to enable us to invest internationally. At present, our portfolio companies operate in locations worldwide — from Singapore and Mumbai to Australia and the continental U.S.

With Fund II, we continue to partner with exceptional LPs all over the world, including 4 Fortune 500s, 3 global banks, 12 institutional family offices, 1 prominent U.S. foundation and 1 hospital network, alongside amazing tech founders who have built, scaled and sold businesses of their own. These partners are critical to the success of our community-driven model, and choose to work with us not only for returns, but because they’re able to collaborate strategically and directly with our founders in their geographies and fields of expertise.

Professor and author Adam Grant, a two-time LP, states, “The TMV team isn’t just smart; they’re mission-driven. I’ve chosen to work with them multiple times — not only due to their strong investment track record, but also because their team excels at supporting founders. One of their clear differentiators is the community that they build.”

The close of Fund II offers us an opportunity to reflect on what our portfolio companies have accomplished. In Fund I we made 25 investments — including Cityblock Health, Kindbody, Parsley Health, Ridwell, Nautilus Labs, Bulletin, Tinyhood, and Bravely — which have gone on to raise $2B+ in follow-on capital.

To date, we’ve invested in 22 companies out of Fund II, equally among our 5 categories. Check them out here.

Last year, we doubled our team, hiring Private Equity veteran Alexia Kalfas (Everside Capital Partners) as Chief Financial Officer, Emma Silverman (Bain & Company, Harry’s) as Principal, and Sean Villafranca (The New York Times, Rolling Stone) as Creative Director. Looking ahead, we plan to continue to grow strategically, which includes working with worldwide partners to invest in the key sectors shaping our future.


Team TMV

ICYMI: you can read all about the new vehicle in Forbes (thanks Alex Konrad!) and on Business Wire.

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